Ethiopian Food Recipes

More on the recipes, ingredients and cuisine of Ethiopian food!

Marked with exaggerated recipes, spices and herbs, authentic, traditional Ethiopian cuisine is surely one of the strongest in Africa. The food is also limited by various religious barriers. Pork, in no form, is permissible here. Ethiopian people also follow regular fasting routine as per the church. Ethiopian food follows specific practices of cooking and eating. Oil and spices are a way of life in Ethiopia. Vegetarian is more prevalent all over the place. Ethiopia is a country of rigid traditions. Till date, people eat their food with hands. Natives use no dishes to have food. They tear off injera to have a bite. Injera is a traditional recipe of bread. This is made with the help of teff flour. Ethiopia is the native home for the production of teff.

Berbere is a characteristic ingredient in almost all Ethiopian recipes. This spice is a mixture of chili pepper powder, dried garlic and onions, salt and many other herbs. Ginger and garlic add amazing flavors to Ethiopian recipes. Butters and oils enhance the taste of Ethiopian recipes. Onion is the primary ingredient for many Ethiopian recipes. Wat, the national dish of Ethiopia, is made of chopped red onions, oil and sautees. People dip injera into wat for a bite. Wat is a traditional recipe with various variants. For non vegetarian meals, meat, fish, lamb or beef are added to this recipe. Vegetable oils are more prevalent because of the fact that orthodox Christian hesitate to eat meat or any form of dairy products. The country is greatly dominated by religion which reflects in its eating pattern as well. Common vegetarian meals consist of grains, fruits, vegetable stew, lentils and peas. Celebration calls for certain dairy products as well. Dairy products are considered a delicacy in Ethiopia. Meat is consumed during Christmas and Easter. Tibs is a traditional recipe of Ethiopia. This recipe consists of meat and is served to welcome or show respect to your guest. The meat dish is mixed with vegetable salad. Kitfo, a traditional Ethiopian recipe, is a true ground beef delight. The beef is first marinated in spices and chilly powder and then cooked in oil.

Ethiopians celebrate the coffee ceremony. This is a traditional drink. Ethiopian coffee is known as bunna. This coffee is initially roasted then grounded and finally boiled in a pot. The coffee is served in special coffee pot called the jebenas. Ethiopian festivals are incomplete without the traditional beverage called the tella. This is a religious drink served for Christmas and weddings. Tella and tej are served at restaurants as well. Tej is a variety of honey wine. Food, in Ethiopia, is still served in a rigid traditional fashion. The lady of the house is supposed to serve it on the mesob, which is the table top. Women are mainly responsible for the kitchen and catering task.

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