Deconstructed Mounds Pudding With Macaroon Slice.

You can have Deconstructed Mounds Pudding With Macaroon Slice using 4 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Deconstructed Mounds Pudding With Macaroon Slice

  1. It’s 1 of Mounds pudding mix.
  2. Prepare of Coconut macaroo Base.
  3. Prepare 2 of Egg whites.
  4. It’s 3 cup of toasted coconut.

Deconstructed Mounds Pudding With Macaroon Slice instructions

  1. Mix the mounds bar pudding mix according to package directions. If this product is unavailable in your area – use chocolate pudding mix & add a small amount of toasted coconut & 1 tsp coconut flavoring – Set aside.
  2. Beat your egg whites to stiff peaks.
  3. The making of macaroons can be a tricky business – especially during the rainy season in the south. To be on the safe side – I decided to toast 3 cups of coconut..
  4. I wound up using 2 cups of toasted coconut to the 2 stiff egg whites. Your mileage may vary according to where you live. Instead of making individual cookies I pressed the macaroon mixture into the bottom of a pie pan..
  5. Bake your large cookie – mine took 20 minutes at 350°F – Allow to cool & then spoon the pudding into pretty stemware or your preferred pudding bowls. Slice the coconut macaroons into strips & stick in the top of the pudding – And just like a cooking show contestant – you'll be serving deconstructed pie..

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