Recipe: Yummy Whosayna’s Caramel Creame Pudding

Whosayna’s Caramel Creame Pudding. Also known as Flan or Creme Caramel, this recipe is so easy and so delicious that you will fall in love with it. Watch this video and learn step by step on how to make the best caramel pudding at home without an oven. This is a crowd pleasure and a family favorite of ours and now yours too !

This easy steamed caramel pudding uses less fat, no fresh cream just the whole milk, and eggs. The ingenious method of steaming came about since ovens are rare in my grandma's time. Crème caramel (French: [kʁɛm kaʁaˈmɛl]), flan, caramel custard, egg pudding or caramel pudding is a custard dessert with a layer of clear caramel sauce. recipes. You can cook Whosayna’s Caramel Creame Pudding using 10 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Whosayna’s Caramel Creame Pudding

  1. Prepare 4 cups of fresh milk.
  2. Prepare 1 cup of evaporated milk (tin).
  3. It’s 1/4 tsp of baking powder.
  4. You need 1 tbsp of custard powder.
  5. Prepare of saffron.
  6. Prepare 1 tsp of vanila essence.
  7. It’s 1/2 cup of condensed milk (optional, use 4-5 tbsp sugar to your taste).
  8. It’s 1 tsp of butter (melted).
  9. It’s 8 of eggs.
  10. It’s 3 tbsp of nestle or fresh cream.

Japanese caramel custard pudding is called "Purin". Purin calls for only a few ingredients and is easy But the pudding in western countries and Japanese purin are quite different, they are not the same thing. Japanese pudding "Purin" is more like creme. The creme caramel is simply the one dessert you need to try if you haven't yet.

Whosayna’s Caramel Creame Pudding step by step

  1. Keep steamer on boil… beat egg and milk together til fluffy add custard powder and de rest of ingredients and beat well… caramalise 2 tbsp sugar in a pot add vanilla essence as soon as u remove from flame, let it cool add the mixture and steam… NB: if u r using oven wen caramel done pour fast on casserole and spread dein pour de egg mixture and bake… same way if using smol moulds do de same….

Custard pudding cover in caramel sauce, you just can't go wrong! Simple No-Bake Creme Caramel recipe that's silky, creamy, and rich in flavors. Try this easy and popular Japanese dessert also called Purin and It is a custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top. As it's enjoyed throughout the world, you may call this dessert custard pudding, crème caramel. We are an ISO Certified manufacturer of food products, more particularly confectionery (center filled candies and lollipops) and instant food products such as Baking Powder, Custard Powder, Cornflour, Jelly Mix, Creme Caramel.

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