Recipe: Yummy Caramel custard pudding

Caramel custard pudding. Find Out How To Make Delicious Pudding. Let's make the caramel sauce for custard pudding. This will make it easy to remove the pudding from the cups.

Let it sit until the surface becomes lightly-colored. How to make caramel pudding recipe with step photos Recipe source: Amma. I am making the caramel in the pan itself. You can cook Caramel custard pudding using 3 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Caramel custard pudding

  1. It’s 3 of eggs.
  2. It’s 11/2cup of Milk.
  3. It’s 1/2cup of Sugar.

Please reduce the heat to medium. Caramel custard (pudding) is the Indian name of flan or creme caramel or caramel leche. It is also called caramel egg pudding in India. It's made by coating the bottom of a dish with caramel, pouring custard on top followed by baking or steaming.

Caramel custard pudding instructions

  1. Make the caramel first & prepare the pan..
  2. Put 3tbsps sugar on the dish with which you are making the pudding. Place it on the stove..
  3. Keep the flame to lowest once it's start browning and once the melted Sugar reaches a nice dark amber colour, switch off the heat..
  4. To make the custard, add eggs and Sugar in a blender,Blend for a min..
  5. Add the milk and again blend..
  6. Pour the prepared custard pan..
  7. Boil water in a steamer and place the custard in the steamer, close the lid. Once steam comes,simmer for 10-20mins and then switch off heat &leave it for another 5mins..
  8. Open the lid and allow it to cool down in room temperature..
  9. Keep in fridge &serve chilled…

After demoulding the caramel sauce comes on top. Pour this caramelized sugar into the pudding mold/pudding cups/ ramekin cups and swirl to coat the sides of the mold. Caramel Pudding (Caramel Custard Pudding) / Flan Recipe. The ingredients are easy to fetch from ur pantry with no mess, it comes out perfect everytime. The Creme Caramel also named: Custard pudding or Flan, has to be one of the most famous dessert in the world and for a good reason. its simply deliciously addictive.

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