S’mores pudding cups. Who says you need a fire to make s'mores? Enjoy these gluten-free S'mores Pudding Cups, introducing layer after layer of creamy, dairy-free pudding and our brand new Mini Cookies. These S'mores Pudding Parfaits are super easy to make and a big hit with kids!

Thanks to this simple recipe, these fun gluten free s'mores pudding cups bring back fond memories! Smores cookie cups are baked in a mini muffin pan. Graham cracker cookie base, with a toasted marshmallow, and a piece of gooey chocolate on top! You can have S’mores pudding cups using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of S’mores pudding cups

  1. Prepare of Chocolate pudding.
  2. It’s of Marshmallow cream.
  3. You need Gram of crackers.

Make frozen s'mores for the perfect summer treat! Chocolate pudding and marshmallow are sandwiched in graham crackers and frozen in this. The Best Pudding Cup Recipes on Yummly Skinny Tropical Pudding Cups, Peeps Pudding Cups, Halloween Graveyard Pudding Cups.

S’mores pudding cups step by step

  1. Make your pudding and let set up.
  2. Put crackers in a plastic bag and smash.
  3. When the pudding is set start layering gram crackers, pudding and marshmallow cream in a cup. Make as much or as little as you would like..

Which kind of pudding would you like in the recipe? S'mores Cookie Cups – sugar cookie cups rolled in graham crackers and filled with chocolate spread and toasted marshmallows. Do you like eating s'mores, but do not like the mess of a sticky campfire? These S'mores Cookie Cups are the perfect solution. This cute S'mores in a Jar Recipe is the perfect tasty gift idea!

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