Recipe: Yummy Best Banana Pudding EVER!

Best Banana Pudding EVER!. No-cook banana pudding made with instant vanilla pudding mix, condensed milk and whipped topping. This recipe makes the best banana pudding I have ever tasted. Add the cream cheese mixture to the pudding mixture and stir until well blended.

It is a must make recipe, you definitely need in your life! If you love creamy, rich, light and fluffy banana pudding, this is for you. Blend in condensed milk until smooth. You can have Best Banana Pudding EVER! using 6 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Best Banana Pudding EVER!

  1. Prepare 1 Box of Vanilla Wafers.
  2. It’s 3-4 of Bananas.
  3. It’s 2 of small boxes vanilla instant pudding.
  4. It’s 1 tub (8 oz) of cool whip.
  5. You need 1 of small contained sour cream.
  6. Prepare 6 cups of milk.

Stir in vanilla and fold in whipped topping. This easy Homemade Banana Pudding recipe is the best I've ever had! Creamy, rich and almost mousse-like banana pudding that tastes just like Grandma used to make. Layers of vanilla wafers, fresh bananas and creamy vanilla pudding come together in The Best Banana Pudding you'll ever make!

Best Banana Pudding EVER! instructions

  1. Mix Box 1 of pudding with 3 cups milk..
  2. Mix Box 2 of pudding in separate bowl with the other 3 cups milk..
  3. Add half tub of cool whip to each bowl of pudding..
  4. Add half sour cream to each bowl of pudding..
  5. Stir both bowls well..
  6. Layer Vanilla Wafers in bottom of pan (I use the aluminum pans you can throw away, but any deep pan will work)..
  7. Put one bowl of pudding/whipped cream mix on top of wafers..
  8. Add another layer of wafers..
  9. Add bananas..
  10. Add second bowl of pudding/whipped cream mix..
  11. Add last of the vanilla wafers..

I have been eating this banana pudding since I could eat food. I can't remember an Easter that we didn't have it on the dessert table. The BEST banana pudding filled with layers of pudding, whipped cream, bananas and vanilla wafers. An easy, no-bake dessert that's perfect for a last minute party or get together. If you've ever been to Magnolia Bakery in NYC and had their banana pudding, you know how good it is.

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