Easiest Way to Prepare Perfect Instant Chocolate Mousse

Instant Chocolate Mousse. Find Deals on Instant Chocolate Mousse in Baking Supplies on Amazon. Try Drive Up, Pick Up, or Same Day Delivery. Add the sugar and whip on high speed until medium peaks form.

The cocoa powder adds extra flavor and give this chocolate mousse a deeper chocolate flavor. When making this quick chocolate mousse recipe, you'll want to make sure you don't over beat the whipped cream or it will thicken too much. Featured in NIGELLA EXPRESS, and Nigella Quick Collection. You can cook Instant Chocolate Mousse using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Instant Chocolate Mousse

  1. Prepare 150 grams of marshmallows.
  2. Prepare 50 grams of unsalted butter.
  3. It’s 250 grams of dark chocolate chips.
  4. Prepare 5 tablespoons of water hot.
  5. Prepare 250 grams of whipping cream.
  6. Prepare 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence.

When you haven't got time for overnight setting in the fridge or you don't want to use raw eggs, this mousse is perfect. In fact, at all times, constraints or not, it is chocaliciously gorgeous. A quick, easy chocolate mousse that will please everyone. Great for potlucks and layered deserts!

Instant Chocolate Mousse instructions

  1. In a saucepan melt the marshmallows, butter, chips and hot water until all the marshmallows are invisible. Set aside..
  2. Beat the cream until firm peaks are formed. Add vanilla if needed..
  3. Fold the chocolate mixture into the cream mixture.
  4. Pour into desired cups and set in the refrigerator for 10 minutes or until ready to serve.

I recommend chilling for about half an hour to firm and give a nice chill, but this can be eaten right after making. Feel free to adjust the amount of chocolate you use. This is a great recipe if you need a chocolate layer for deserts. Which kind of chocolate would you like in the recipe? White Chocolate Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chips Any Type of Chocolate.

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