Rum ,Raisin and Chocolate Mousse Bake (Zante). Rum ,Raisin and Chocolate Mousse Bake (Zante) my favourite chokolate cake. zante. Knead for at least ten minutes after that until dough becomes elastic. Spoon over ²⁄³ of the chocolate mousse, then top with second cake disc.

Today's recipe is inspired by Jon's favourite ice cream – Rum & Raisin. It's then topped with swirls of whipped cream. Add the cooled chocolate and beat until just combined. You can cook Rum ,Raisin and Chocolate Mousse Bake (Zante) using 12 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Rum ,Raisin and Chocolate Mousse Bake (Zante)

  1. Prepare 60 grams of raisin.
  2. It’s 4 tbsp of dark rum.
  3. It’s 450 grams of unsalted butter ,plus extra for buttering.
  4. You need 450 grams of dark chocolate.
  5. You need 1 cup of approximately double cream (200 ml ).(heavy cream).
  6. You need 8 of eggs.
  7. It’s 200 grams of castor sugar (confectioners sugar).
  8. It’s 1 of amount of glaze to make as follows..
  9. You need 150 grams of dark chocolate.
  10. You need 1 tsp of golden syrup.
  11. You need 40 grams of butter.
  12. Prepare 1 large of ladle of cocoa powder,for dusting..

Alternating half of each at a time, mix in the flour mixture and milk mixture until combined. Add the rum raisins and mix them through. Add the melted chocolate and mix well. Fold in the flour and almonds.

Rum ,Raisin and Chocolate Mousse Bake (Zante) instructions

  1. Soak the raisins in the rum for at least thirty minutes,then strain, keeping the rum.Butter the base and sides of a 20 cm wide x7cm deep square tin and then line with greaseproof paper.
  2. Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160 C/ Gas 4..
  3. Gently heat the butter chocolate and the cream until melted,do not boil.Allowe to cool a little. Gently beat the eggs with sugar and carefully mix with the chocolate mixture.Fold in the raisins and the rum..
  4. Pour into the tin and bake for 1 hour.for firmish texture a little less for a more moist texture. Allow to cool in the tin .Move onto a plate. Meanwhile make the chocolate glaze.Melt the chocolate,butter and golden syrup ,again do not let boil ,remove from heat.Carefully level the top of the cake with a sharp knife,then spread with glaze .Dust with the cocoa powder. or drizzle with a white chocolate pattern or writing..

Once these are fully incorporated, mix in the rum and raisins. Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks, loosen the batter with a spoonful of the egg whites, then fold in the rest. Recipes Quick & Easy Dinner Dessert Autumn Inspire Me. Once baked, leave to cool before slicing, or place in the fridge to cut the day after to make it extra fudgy. Adding the yolks to the hot chocolate mixture cooks them slightly and gives a creamier texture to the mousse, which is best served the day it is prepared.

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