How to Make Appetizing Avacado -Creamy Pudding

Avacado -Creamy Pudding. This Keto Avocado Chocolate Pudding Recipe is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Food Lion. Keto Avocado Chocolate Pudding it's like Heaven in a bowl. Okay, that may be stretching it a bit, but it is SO good!

Using a food processor or high power blender, combine all ingredients except the coconut flakes until the mixture is smooth. Taste and add more sweetener, if necessary. I love lots of texture in my food, so the smoothness of the avocado pudding did get a bit boring after day three. You can cook Avacado -Creamy Pudding using 5 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Avacado -Creamy Pudding

  1. It’s 2 cups of milk milk dairy ; 1cups maid.
  2. You need 2 Nos of Eggs.
  3. It’s 2 tbsps of cornflour ) Custard powder (.
  4. You need 6 tbsps of sugar orange juice ; Avacado 2 Nos ; -1/2 cups ;clove-powdered-4nos.
  5. Prepare 6 nos of cashew nuts chocolate sauce -, or boost powder -2 tbsps..

On day four, I added chia seeds , hemp seeds, and grain-free granola on top. Slowly stream in the coconut oil with the blender still running. In a blender, add the ingredients and blend until smooth. Place all ingredients in a blender; cover and process until smooth.

Avacado -Creamy Pudding step by step

  1. Dissolve the cornflour in half cup of cold milk.Add the eggs.Beat the eggs softly adding more milk. Add milk maid and 4 tbsps of sugar. Now Boil the entire mixture, stirring continuously and in medium heat untill the mixture becomes thick and soft. Cool the creamy mixture and pour the entire contents to a glass dish,after spreading some chocolate sauce, or a few spoons of boost as the bottom layer of the pudding. Refrigerate till the pudding starts solidifying..
  2. Cut the avacado to 2 halves.Scoop out the entire mass after removing the seed.Mix it with half cup of orange juice, and 2 tbsps of sugar(or more if required) and the powdered form of cloves. Finely Blend the mixture and dress over the creamy pudding. Cut a few cashew nuts to small chips and mix with the avacado dressings. Continue to refrigerate.Decorate with cashews and plums or cherries..

Why not have both in a delicious Keto Mexican Hot Chocolate Avocado Pudding? Mexican hot chocolate is traditionally a hot beverage made with milk (in some form – condensed, evaporated, cream, etc.), cocoa powder or chocolate and cayenne pepper! The result is a deliciously creamy and warm brew with Chocolate avocado pudding – light smooth chocolate pudding recipe with avocados and bananas, Tasty dessert for kids. I have made this chocolate pudding more healthy and thick without eggs by adding chia seeds to the recipe. This pudding is inspired by my favorite Mexican chocolate cake recipe.

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