Recipe: Perfect Firm Chocolate Mousse

Firm Chocolate Mousse. Bring a saucepan of water to a simmer over low heat. Less cream, more chocolate, a more intense chocolate flavour and a beautiful creamy mouth feel. With the easy pulse of an electric blender, this rich, brandy-enhanced chocolate mousse can be whipped up in a jiffy.

The best chocolate mousse recipe for a chocolate wedding cake. Place chocolate in a large bowl set over a bain marie or in a double boiler at a low simmer. Turn off the heat and let stand. You can cook Firm Chocolate Mousse using 3 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Firm Chocolate Mousse

  1. You need 1000 ml of heavy cream.
  2. You need 400 grams of chocolate of choice.
  3. You need 7-8 of Gelatine sheets (depending on firmness of choice).

So airy & light, with a rich, deep chocolate flavor. Fancy, yet so quick & simple! I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day! I have to admit I planned on sharing this easy chocolate mousse recipe before Valentine's, but sadly it just didn't happen.

Firm Chocolate Mousse step by step

  1. Whip half of your heavy cream (500 ml) untill it has a thickness of yoghurt and set aside in the fridge and soak the gelatine sheets in cold water..
  2. Pour the other half in a pan and heat it up untill it has reached the boiling point and bubbles and steam start to form..
  3. Put the chocolate of choice in the heated cream and stir it with a whisk untill the chocolate it fully disolved..
  4. After the chocolate is disolved put in the gelatine sheets and stir it in with a spatulata or spoon and set aside and let it cool down untill you can put your finger in it untill its slightly cold and doesn't hurt at all..
  5. Mix the cream and chocolate mixture with the whisked cream with a spatula and fold it in without beating out too much air..
  6. Pour it in cups and let it set in the fridge untill it is firm. (I used half a recipe on the picture in smaller cups).
  7. Optional: You can leave the mousse in a big bowl and let it set, then beat all air out of it and put it in cups so you get a think chocolate crème..
  8. Enjoy :)!.

Heat until chocolate is fully melted and mixture is smooth. I always make my chocolate mousse with eggs, but two possible causes are that your ratios could be off or your chocolate mixture is hot and the whipped cream is cold, causing the mixture to seize-up and deflate. Here is a basic recipe: While this fancy French dessert might seem like the kind of dish you'd only be able to enjoy if you were at a high-end restaurant, chocolate mousse is easily achievable right in your own kitchen. Don't be intimidated—if you've ever heated milk on the stove to make a cup of hot chocolate, you'll find the basic cooking principles for chocolate mousse to be very similar. Smooth and creamy chocolate mousse made vegan by using silken tofu as the base.

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