Recipe: Tasty Chocolate Oreo Pudding

Chocolate Oreo Pudding. Oreo Pudding Pie is a delicious, no-bake chocolate dessert with just five ingredients. Oreo Pudding Poke Cake – YUMMY! Oreo Pudding Dirt CupsLive Love Oreo Pudding Dessert Recipes.

I came up with these Oreo White Chocolate Pudding Cookies when Josh brought home a bag of Oreos. I used white chocolate pudding this time around. I added in chopped up Oreos and white. You can cook Chocolate Oreo Pudding using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chocolate Oreo Pudding

  1. It’s of Chocolate pudding (instant big box).
  2. It’s 16 oz of Heavy whipping cream.
  3. It’s of Vanilla (dash).
  4. It’s of Sugar.
  5. You need of Regular Oreos.

Make chocolate pudding according to package directions and let it setup in the fridge. Using electric mixer, mix half of Cool. Oreo Pie is an easy no bake dessert recipe using vanilla instant pudding and a store bought Oreo crust. The creamy pudding and Cool Whip filling is loaded with white chocolate and crushed Oreo. …bits of Oreo. …chunks of Cookies 'N Cream candy bar. …gooey melted chocolate chips.

Chocolate Oreo Pudding step by step

  1. Make the heavy whipping cream into whipping cream with the vanilla and sugar..
  2. In a separate bowl make chocolate pudding according to the package..
  3. Mix the whipping cream and pudding together until completely mixed. Break up desired amount of Oreos into the pudding mix..

I've actually never been a fan of pudding mix in cookies. How to make Chocolate Cake with Oreo Whipped Cream. Make sure you make the day before you serve, to soften the Oreo cookies. Prep time includes chill Cover with the entire pudding mixture. Once the Chocolate Oreo Pudding had cooled to my liking, I took a bite.

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