Recipe: Perfect Lauki ki kheer

Lauki ki kheer. Lauki ki Kheer : A reasonably healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth occasionally, this recipe makes use of doodhi and low-fat milk to make a satiating kheer. While bottle gourd is famed to be a low-cal veggie, the use of low-fat milk further brings the calorie count down, making the Lauki ki Kheer as heart friendly as possible. The amount of sugar has also been substantially reduced, and.

It can be had for Vrat or Indian fasting days as well. Lauki Ki Kheer is a creamy dessert that I make every year during Janmashtami and even out of the blue to surprise my family. Lauki ki kheer recipe or dudhi kheer – an Indian dessert made from bottle gourd vegetable. You can have Lauki ki kheer using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Lauki ki kheer

  1. It’s 1 kg of milk.
  2. You need 1 cup of sugar.
  3. You need of condensed milk (optional).
  4. You need 1 kg of lauki.
  5. You need of khoya half cup.
  6. You need of nuts muthi bher.

It is like the rich, creamy, sweet pudding. Lauki ki kheer & Navratri vrat: As Navratri is going on, many people keep fasting during these nine days. So I thought of sharing a sweet recipe for vrat. Lauki ki kheer recipe with step by step photos – easy recipe method to make kheer from bottle gourd or opo squash or dudhi or ghia.

Lauki ki kheer instructions

  1. Milk ko boil kerlain aur usmain condensed milk ya cheeni dal kar five min pakain.
  2. Add karain khoya aur slow flame per ralh dain half hour ky leah.
  3. Lauki ko peel off kerlain aur cubes ki shakal main cut kerke half cup water main boil kerlain lauki ka half peice bacha kar rakh dain aur usko mash kerle rakh lain side main.
  4. Boil lauki ko blend kerke milk main add karain aur one hour cook karain mash ki hoi lauki ko bhi add kaerdain and mazzed half hour pakain medium flame per.
  5. Jub kheer thick ho jaye toh stove turn off kerdain.
  6. Garnish karain nuts se 💕💕.

Lauki is a cooling veggie to have during the summers. You can make various dishes with lauki from savory to sweet. I had some lauki left after making sambhar recipe, so thought of making kheer with it. Lauki Ki Kheer is a delicious, perfectly creamy Indian dessert made with bottle gourd, sugar, and milk. Serve it chilled or warm and don't forget to sprinkle a generous helping of pistachio just before serving.

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