How to Make Delicious Sabudana ki kheer

Sabudana ki kheer. sabudana kheer recipe with step by step photos. this is a creamy smooth kheer. just remember to cook the sabudana pearls very well. we generally make sabudana kheer during the navratri festival or. Sabudana kheer – Creamy, delicious & thick pudding made with tapioca pearls, milk, sweetener & cardamoms. Sabudana is often used in Indian cooking to make various dishes like porridge, kheer.

Kheer Recipe: Kheer is one of the most loved Indian dessert that is made in our homes to celebrate almost every occasion and festival and even without one. Method – How to make Sabudane ki kheer. Boil the milk in a deep pan and put the soaked Sabudana into it once the milk boils. You can cook Sabudana ki kheer using 7 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Sabudana ki kheer

  1. It’s of Chota sabudana half cup.
  2. Prepare of Milk half litr.
  3. It’s 6 of Almonds.
  4. It’s 3 tbsp of Sugar.
  5. It’s of Cardamom powder two.
  6. It’s 6 of Rose petals.
  7. It’s 4-6 of Safron.

This Sabudana Kheer is extremely popular during the fasting season of Navratri in India! Sabudana Kheer or Sago kheer – is a rich a sweet dish, a creamy kheer recipe of tapioca pearls cooked in milk with sugar cardamom powder and nuts. Sabudane ki kheer is usually devoured during..excellent Sabudana ki kheer recipe, tasty Sabudana ki kheer recipe, Indian Sabudana ki kheer recipe, etc. Want to be notified of new releases in Kartohomeonline/Sabudana-ki-kheer-recipe?

Sabudana ki kheer step by step

  1. Sabudana ko pani se wash kar ke rakh le. Chota wala sabudana kheer ke liye best hota hai..
  2. Milk boil krne ke liye rakhe. Usme sabudana dal kar dheemi gass par rakhe. Kheer me boil ho jaye aur sim gass kar ke rakhe, kheer gadhi ho jaye to gass off kar de. Cardamom powder and chopped almonds dal kar kheer khaye..
  3. Sabudana ki kheer upwas me bhi khate hai..

Sabudana Ki Kheer is a Pakistan And Indian Sweet, and listed in the Pakistani Sweet Dishes. Other Urdu cooking recipes and video cooking recipes are also available online. How to make Sabudane ki Kheer?-Sago kheer is quite popular in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Ingredients for Sabudane ki Kheer Recipe. The Sabudana Kheer is a tasty and satiating dessert , ideal to have on fasting days.

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