Recipe: Yummy Chocolate pudding(Eid special)

Chocolate pudding(Eid special). Eggless chocolate caramel pudding recipe in lockdown #egglesspudding #chcolatepudding #spicebites #lockdown #withme Are you looking for. Something sweet and special, enjoy "Chocolate Pudding Pie" on Eid. Make it the way we do and you will love it. #HappyCookingToYou Chocolate Pudding Pie.

It's the easiest healthy dessert recipe you can make with no baking. Event though Muslims come from from different cultures and backgrounds, hence what you cook on Eid day may vary. Puddings, custards, mousse and flans are comfort foods for many people. You can have Chocolate pudding(Eid special) using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chocolate pudding(Eid special)

  1. Prepare of Milk…2cup.
  2. You need cup of Sugar..half.
  3. You need of Rice flour…1tbsp.
  4. Prepare of cocopowder..1tbsp.
  5. Prepare of cornflour…1tbsp.
  6. It’s of vanilla assence..1tsp.
  7. You need of salt…..pinch.
  8. It’s of chopped chocolate…
  9. It’s of dryfruits.

Try one of our delicious custard & pudding recipes. Enjoy delicious Eid recipes in Urdu at – Get big list of Eid recipe ideas from sweets to spicy, all Eid foods at one place. Eid ul Fitr is the event of sweetness, joys and happiness. Cherry White Chocolate Pudding CookiesChocolate, Chocolate and More.

Chocolate pudding(Eid special) step by step

  1. Take a deep pan, add milk,sugar,cornflour,Rice flour,salt,cocopowder,then whisk untill well over medium heat…
  2. Cook stirring constantly, untill pudding is bubling and thickens.Add cocolate and mix after the cocolate melted.turn off the heat..
  3. Then add vanilla and mix well.let it cool..
  4. Pour it in dessert dish and decorate with cocolate and dry fruits. After chilling it's ready to serve..

Make a richly flavored chocolate tapioca pudding by mixing milk and instant tapioca with chopped dark chocolate. You can make it more chocolately "Chocoholic? After eating this rich chocolate pudding you'll question the integrity of box puddings! Use dark, semisweet, or milk chocolate, whatever suits. Homemade chocolate pudding has been forgotten about and we have no idea why.

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