Recipe: Appetizing Gajrela kheer

Gajrela kheer. If you like this video give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe my channel. Thank you I'm sharing a recipe for Pakistani Carrot and Rice Pudding, also called Gajrela (or gajar ki kheer). The recipe is actually from a vlogger who shares videos on her youtube channel- Cook With Faiza.

Also known as Gajar ki Kheer, this sweet dish is made with carrots, milk, condensed milk, sugar, grinded rice, and cardamom powder. Gajrella is a specialty of winter season, and is therefore served at majority of house parties or dinners as a dessert. You can. gajar ki kheer gajrela recipe in urdu carrot halwa, carrot kheer,dessert recipe,global kitchen carrot gajrela recipe dessert recipe,gajrela recipe pakistani,global kitchen How to make Gajrela Gajar Ki Kheer. You can have Gajrela kheer using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Gajrela kheer

  1. You need 2 kg of Milk.
  2. Prepare of Carrot kush half kg.
  3. It’s of Rice 4 tbsp (soak 30 minutes).
  4. It’s of Sugar 1/2 cup to taste.
  5. Prepare 2 of Choti Elaichi.
  6. It’s of Almonds for garnish.

METHOD: Boil milk in a kadhai. Add the grated carrots and basmati rice cook on medium heat, stirring constantly until the milk has thickened. Stir in sugar and cook till most of the moisture has evaporated. Remove from fire and mix in the khoya.

Gajrela kheer step by step

  1. Milk me Elaichi dal dein. boil hojaye to carrots kush or rice dal ke medium anch par cook karein..
  2. Almonds ajjjhbalmonddjnkslslxnaGardhi hony ke bilkul qareeb ho to sugar dal kar 2 mint cook karein..
  3. Agr ap gajrela kheer thori sugar free nikalna chahty hen to ap sugar dalny se pehly nikal lein phir sugar dal ke 2 minute cook karein..
  4. Almond se garnish karein. Cool kar ke serve karein..

Gajrela is a delicious form of kheer made with carrots, milk and rice. I am telling gajrela recipe in Urdu with step by step pictorial guide which will make it very easy for you to prepare this sweet yourself. Gajrela or Gajar kheer comes into trending in winter as when carrots come into the markets. These days carrots are available everywhere. ORIGNAL GAJRELA banane ki recipe mai ne ap k sath share ki he. umeed karta hun ap ko ye recipe pasand aye gi. recipe pasand aye to video ko like&share karna mat bhulen and please subscribe my.

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