How to Prepare Appetizing Farali Aloo Vada with Trirangi Sago Kheer

Farali Aloo Vada with Trirangi Sago Kheer. Gujarati Faral Recipes : Sabudana Vada, Sabudana Khichadi, Masala Sweet Potato Fries, Farali Potato Chips Recipe, Aloo and Kand Rasawala Shaak. Some people also do not consume salt and rice during fast. This section covers traditional Gujarati faraali foods as well as.

These batata vadas are made with minimal spices and batter coated and then deep fried. Aloo pudla is a farali recipe. I love this shallow fry fasting recipe. You can cook Farali Aloo Vada with Trirangi Sago Kheer using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Farali Aloo Vada with Trirangi Sago Kheer

  1. It’s 100 gm of Sabuda.
  2. You need 2-3 tbsp of sugar.
  3. You need 2 pieces of potatoes.
  4. It’s 1 cup of aaralot.
  5. You need of some anar dana, badam, dedicated coconut, kishmish.

I tried after seeing TV cooking show. Sabudana Kheer (Sago Pearls Kheer) is fast or Vrat Recipe. Farali Dry Potatoes and Farali Kutto. Recipes of Farali Singhara Halwa and Moriyo Kheer.

Farali Aloo Vada with Trirangi Sago Kheer instructions

  1. Trirangi kheer And Shahi Aloo vada with Mitha dahi. Kheer ke liye 100gm sago ko 2hrs pani mein soak kiya. ab 3cupa milk mein 2tb. sugar and sabudana ko mix karke mid. flame pe kheer banaya. Add 2elichi and badam ke tukde and pinch nutmeg powder. Now make 3parts, 1part mein kesar strings 2-3haath s e crush karke mix kar liya garam mein., 2part mein ruhafsa sharbat 1tb mix well, 3part mein khus or variyali syrup mix it well or disposible glass mein alag alag set karne ke liye.
  2. 20mins freezer mein rakho, Serve karte time glass mein niche pink, yellow middle mein or green upper spoon se set kardo badam or coconut grate karke garnish karo,..
  3. Shahi Aloo Vada:- Boil potatoes 2pieces, with rock salt. remove chilke and mash it. Now add jeera, anar dana, kaju ke tukde, kismiss, salt, sugar, lemon juice, ginger chilli, paste, poppy seeds and til mix well, neem patta chop karke mix it well. pepper coursly add it. Now make a balls and better banake, dip kar ke dry aara root powder mein roll kark mid. flame pe fry kar lo., Thanda ho ne par mitha dahi mein rakh ke, Tamrind and dates ki chutney drizzle kar ke dry coconut desicated and anar.
  4. Dana, roasted jeera, sprinkle kar ke serve karo..
  5. Batter banane ke liye Aaralo mai1cup or 1/4cup singara lot, rock salt and ginger chilli, paste add karke batter ready karo and dry aara lot mein roll karke fry karo. Ready to serve..

Recipes for fast snacks like Aloo Sev, Biscuits and Aloo Bhujia. Farari Vrat Recipe of Instant Dhokla and Bhel. Farali sabudana vada or sago recipes clip. Learn how to cook Farali food dishes of various cuisines. Farali Aloo Paratha is vegan too.

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